Overthinking is not ALWAYS bad.

3 min readApr 11, 2020

Overthinking? Me? At 2:56 am?
Ah, yes I am. I can’t help it. We, overthinkers, just can't help it. I know it’s bad for my mental health, like really bad, I know it’s making up things and scenarios in my mind which might never even happen or exist. I just know, but something which people don’t know is that I seem to be a know-it-all at the moment, whenever I overthink, I notice things which I have never noticed before, I see patterns which I have ignored many times, I see things a little clearer than they are. Believe me or not, but due to overthinking, I have a better image of my thoughts on how I should deal with certain individuals and emotions, because not only I have overthought that situation or feeling, but I have also been through the scenario in my head. Overthinking has been quite helpful to me.

A few times, I have messed up things because of this overthinking, I’ve lost people, relationships, connections, and feelings because of it. But every time when I re-think all of those things again, it looks like the people and relationships I have lost, made me feel better after they no longer existed in my life. It surely hurts when people leave, when the relationship ends, when the connection breaks, but once it stops hurting, and we start healing, things get better, at least for me. I started using my thoughts as a shield against that pain and hurt. I still overthink about things which make me sad and I end up crying but I do acknowledge that things happen for a reason, and I know and I understand the bright side of my heartbreaks and rejections. But thinking about them once in a while helps me to see how things have changed, how I have become a better person because if right now I find myself again feeling something that I have felt before, I hear this quick ‘CLICK!’ in my mind. It rings the bell and makes me aware what and where this particular feeling might take me to.

I always overthink when I feel this strong urge in me to understand things, people, and situations. My overthinking has not always been bad for me, it made me come out from impossible situations, it made me do things which I have never thought I would do. My heart has always gotten got me into troubles, pains, and emotionally attached to someone I probably shouldn’t have, but my brain 🧠 by overthinking has always gotten me out of these situations every time. I’m thankful for that and that’s why I always say;

I adore my heart, but I value my brain.

So if you are overthinking and it’s not helping you. Overthink again. Carefully. Try to see and understand your thoughts. See what your brain knows and wants you to know that. Understanding and controlling your thoughts would make letting go and moving on a bit easier than it actually is. You will too, admire your heart and value your brain.