The Star I Fell in Love With

Ever fell in love with a star at first sight?

4 min readMay 5, 2020

Glaring at the dark yet silky sky with my widely open eyes,

I see one of the stars glares at me and glows vividly

I stand there, all stunned, this star, brightest of all, seize my attention, oh, how I just can't take my eyes off of him,

'maybe he admires me' mysterious thought crosses my mind while I look straight up to into the eyes of the star,
the thought continues
'maybe he sees what nobody can ever see in me'
The thought became a mysterious voice and whispers in my ears 'oh, he indeed knows you'

My pupils enlarge, my lips curve into the horizontally crescent shape as I smile,
All of sudden I feel loved, so much loved by this star, the kind of love I have always given to others but never received it, but now I’m feeling it, all in me,

The aura evolves around me,

Air touches my cheeks with its chill breeze, like a flying kiss sent by this star just landed on them,
'you are loved' the same voice, again!

I don’t want this moment to be gone 'til I am solely loved by my beloved star' I declare, as the stars is all ears,
'I’ve been watchin' you every day'

I close my eyes as now I can clearly hear him, he sounds so soothing to my ears, his voice melts my heart away, my heart is dancing to its melodies, slowly and freely, im lost in the eternity of this moment, He keeps talking 'I know when you are happy'
'I know when you are sad'
'I have seen you crying when you go through bad

In a rush I open my eyes, looking back into his eyes
the crescent-shaped smile is gone,
the fully expanded pupils are shortening as a tiny drop fills my eye and starts rolling down my cheek, the aura has now become unduly cold,
it’s hurting that my melting heart can feel the ache of all time,

I close my eyes, this time in tears, letting them flow down, as my face is still facing the sky, a little droplet falls on side of my nose and rolls down over my lips to the chin,

I open my eyes again and see that the star is dimming, the clouds are forming themselves all over the sky, trying to hide my star
then starts the rain as if the star itself began to crying with me,

Wondering if the star is really crying, I wipe my tears to see the star carefully,
He begins to speak again, his voice, soothing as before but a little shaky this time
'I have been happy with you'
'I have been sad with you 'cause when you go through something bad, I always shine on you to show you your worth, i have lived each and every moment with you,
I have felt ever pain, im none but you,
'you are me and I am you
That moment became a flashback of all my life, and as he was twinkling at me, I finally recognized this star

It’s me, inner me, but the stronger one, the higher one, the brighter one, the more I look at it, the more it shines back at me, everything else on the sky looks dark and faded, those clouds, other starts, everything else and all I can see it this star,

My eyes just magically become sensitive to the wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum of the entire sky in a comparison to other people and things around me. I see it differently!

Perhaps, I love it too, for loving me, I gleam as it twinkles, I smile as I feel it smiling, oh yes, I do love this star, luminous of all, to the moon and back. And I will . Always.

- Princella Anum