Why 2020 Wasn't As Bad As You Think? See My Journey of 2020.

The highlights of my year… The positive reasons to see 2020 as the year when it all worked out in the end.

5 min readJan 4, 2021
Christmas 2020

January 2020: My visa application got denied and I didn’t make it to my dream university (So yeah, a bad start) but then I found someone nice. I got a pet hamster, named it Einstein. Things looked a little ok and I decided to move out this year.

Einstein was taking a nap in my lap

February 2020: Einstein died ☹. My best friend Apurvaa came back to Cambodia from India. We both were heartbroken by then. Became each other’s support system and carried out with life with a big smile on our faces. I wanted to move out.

My best friend, Apu on her amazing journey as a solo traveler in India before she arrived in Cambodia

March 2020: I WENT ON A FIRST SOLO TRIP OF MY LIFE ALL BY MYSELF WITHOUT TELLING MY FAMILY! I found someone nice, again. And then, CORONAVIRUSSS hit and the whole world went quarantine. The global pandemic hit hard and shook things up real bad everywhere in the world so I did not want to move out anymore.

Bokor Mountains, Kampot, Cambodia.

April 2020: I binged watched so many series on Netflix, did movie marathons of my favorite movies and started three different writing courses online. While teaching virtually during those times, I missed my students so much and being physically present at school, that was the time when I realize how much I love being a teacher and I want to continue being a teacher as my life-long profession. I wanted to move out again once things would get better.

My students…

May 2020: I completed my writing courses with A+. I was so proud of myself. I started looking for an online university to continue my studies again. My father passed away due to a heart attack. I lost my father and some other special hoomans and was terribly heartbroken. I couldn’t move out and didn’t want to at that time.

The last time I saw my father’s face and told him to come back if possible.

June 2020: I almost lost my best friend, travelled 8 hours bus ride just to see her, and made sure she was okay. Met someone nice again. Rebounded with some special hoomans. Applied to this online University for my Science Degree because by that time I knew what I want to do with my life now and got two baby hamsters, Ted and Tracy! I started thinking again of moving out.

Ted and Tracy.

July 2020: The COVID-19 situation was better in Phnom Penh by then. Cambodia was one of the safest places. The school reopened for the summer camp. I got to see my students. Taught me and my students to make comics and we ended up with so many creative comics and stories. I was still thinking of moving out.

One of my students, who came up with their own character and stories.

August 2020: Travelled to some countryside, beaches, and mountains in Cambodia, hosted an unprompted Desi Party with some friends and met so many good people. Started teaching dance classes again on weekly basis. Got accepted to the university I applied to. Still thinking and started saving for moving out.

Kep Beach, Cambodia

September 2020: I turned 24. I wrote a letter to my 30-year-old self. Got some specials gifts and wishes from all of my special hoomans. Continued my studies after a huge gap of 4 years. My best friend left and went back to India for good. I saved some more and was sure that I wanted to move out.

The letter I wrote on my 24th birthday for my 30-year-old self.

October 2020: Joined swing dance classes. Went to the first Garba night of my life ever in Phnom Penh. The school reopened again and was so glad to be back. Met someone special. I used memes in a ppt presentation for the first time in my life. Had an interview with the Phnom Penh Post (the leading newspaper in Cambodia) about my restaurant. Had an amazing Halloween party at school. I saved enough and was ready to look for apartments so I can move out.

Posing in my ghagra.

November 2020: My restaurant was published in the news. I finally gained some courage to talk to my family about moving out and right after I told them everything, our old house’s landlord told my family that she wants to renovate the whole building we were staying in and had our restaurant running. Now my family had to and I wanted to move out.

The article on my restaurant

December 2020: I MOVED OUT! FINALLY! Not only my family was okay with me moving out but my mother also bought me a few things which I was going to need in my new house. My family also found a wonderful place for the restaurant and living. It was our restaurant’s third anniversary in December and it was awesome!

The view I wake up to every morning now. My Home!

In the end, after looking back at 2020, I would say that yes, it was very eventful and a hell of a year. I learned and understood things the hard way but I am grateful that I did. Everything fell into place as this year ended for me. I had achieved many things from my bucket list. I made peace with myself for everything and everyone I lost and I feel so blessed for everything and everyone that I found this year. Thank you 2020 for all the tears and laughs. You were the year when it all came together for me.